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La Jolla Studio

1008 Wall Street, La Jolla, CA 92037


1. Drawing A Variety Of SubjectsIrina Gronborg

3. Pencil Figure Drawing & CompositionKen Goldman

5. Introduction To Color Pencil DrawingIrina Gronborg

Drawing & Watercolor

2. Playing With Pen & Ink & WatercolorLori Mitchell

Drawing & Painting (Any Media)

4. Portraiture: Facing Features Head-On, Stephanie Goldman


6. Watercolor You Can Do!, Thia Nevius

10. Basic Watercolor, Stan Goudey

Painting—Acrylics or Oils

8. The Five Key Elements To Better PaintingJeff Yeomans

9. Impressionism Alla Prima, Sharon Carol Demery

17. Creative Color Mixing And Beyond, Sharon Carol Demery


11. Oil Painting Techniques: Classical Method—Contemporary Style, Pat Kelly

12. Oil Painting Techniques:  Individual Projects And Critique, Pat Kelly

Mixed Media

7. Finding Your Voice Through Mixed MediaRivian Bütikofer

Oil Pastels

13. Chalk And Oil Pastels: A Highlighted And Colorful Adventure!, France-Marie Haeger

Gold Leaf

15. Rivers Of Gold—Art And Gold Leaf Workshop, Duke Windsor


14. iPhone Photography Workshop, Dr. Cliff Oliver


16. Upcycling Workshop, Oscar Romo

Athenaeum Art Center

1955 Julian Avenue, San Diego, CA 92113


51. Life Drawing (Long & Short Pose),

No Instruction—Michelle Gregoire, monitor

58. Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain, Thia Nevius

61. Drawing From Still Life, Jean Krumbein

Drawing & Watercolor

56. Sketching With Pen & Ink & Watercolor, Lori Mitchell

Drawing & Painting (Any Media)

53. Painting And Drawing The Human Figure—The Geometry Of Form, Ken Goldman

Painting—Acrylics or Oils

52. Painting For The Adventureous—Go Abstract, Sharon Carol Demery

54. The Five Key Elements To Better PaintingJeff Yeomans

55. Painting Boot Camp, Kevin Inman


60. Someday I’ll Paint, Vicki Walsh

Mixed Media

57. Watercolor Mixed-Media FusionHelen Shafer Garcia


59. Ceramic Totem Sculpture, Suzanne LaFrance

Book Arts

62. Book Arts: Creative Passports, Sibyl Rubottom


63. Printmaking Class, Sibyl Rubottom

64. Open Lab Printmaking, Sibyl Rubottom

65. Lino-Block Printing, Morgan Miller III

66. Open Lab Printmaking, Morgan Miller III

67. Open Lab Printmaking, Morgan Miller III