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Painting—Acrylics or Oils

11. Impressionism / Post-Impressionism Using Alla Prima—Online, Sharon Carol Demery

Mixed Media

8. Finding Your Voice Using Mixed Media—Online, Rivian Bütikofer


15. Introduction to dSLR and Mirrorless Photography—Online, Ernesto Rivera

17B. iPhone Photography Workshop—Online, Dr. Cliff Oliver

Profession of Art

17A. Creativity From Your Pillow Fort—Online, Jill Badonsky


17C. Tattoo Your Clothes / Visible Mending—Online, Michelle Montjoy


77. Rock Paper Scissors: Collisions of Brilliant Moments in COLLAGE—Online, Sibyl Rubottom

La Jolla Studio

1008 Wall Street, La Jolla, CA 92037


1. The Art of Drawing, Jean KrumbeinCANCELLED


16. Plein Air Watercolor Painting, Alex LeonCANCELLED


6. It's Personal: Seeing Your Photographs / Finding Your Voice, Donna CosentinoCANCELLED

Athenaeum Art Center

1955 Julian Avenue, San Diego, CA 92113


63. Someday I'll Paint, Vicki WalshCANCELLED


59. Handmade Pottery, Pierre BounaudCANCELLED

61. Sculptural Ceramic Hand-Building, Suzanne LaFranceCANCELLED


78. Open Lab Printmaking, Sibyl RubottomCANCELLED

79. Multimedia Printmaking, Morgan Miller IIICANCELLED

83. Power Up: A Silk Screen–Printing Workshop, Claudia CanoCANCELLED

84. Printmaking Saturdays, Morgan Miller IIICANCELLED

85. Introduction to Silk Screen, Frol BoundinCANCELLED

86. The Art of Resistance, Katie RuizCANCELLED

87. Open Lab Printmaking, Morgan Miller IIICANCELLED