Murals of La Jolla Tour

Murals of La Jolla Artists and Past Projects


Artists currently on display around La Jolla


Terry Allen

PLAYING LA JOLLA (for all it's worth), 2015

7611 Fay Avenue


John Baldessari

Brain/Cloud (with Seascape and Palm Tree), 2011

1250 Prospect Street


Sandra Cinto

Untitled, 2018

7835 Invanhoe Avenue


Roman De Salvo

McCairn, 2019

5535 La Jolla Boulevard


Kota Ezawa

Once Upon a Time in the West, 2017

7900 Herschel Avenue


Monique van Genderen

Paintings Are People Too, 2020

7661 Girard Avenue


Raul Guerrero

Raymond Chandler at the Whaling Bar, 2018

1162 Prospect Street


Steven Hull

Man, Myth & Magic, 2017

7509 Girard Avenue


Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia

Demos Gracias, 2016

2259 Avenida de la Playa (above Galaxy Taco)


Isaac Julien


7569 Girard Avenue


Alex Katz

Bill 2, 2019

5535 La Jolla Boulevard


Byron Kim & Victoria Fu

Suns, 2016

7766 Fay Avenue


Heather Gwen Martin

Landing, 2016

7724 Girard Avenue (back side of building)


Roy McMakin

Favorite Color, 2010

7596 Eads Avenue


Beatriz Milhazes

Gamboa Seasons in La Jolla, 2020

1111 Prospect Street (back of building)


Marcos Ramirez ERRE


7744 Fay Avenue









Past Projects


Mel Bochner

Blah, Blah, Blah,, 2015

1111 Prospect Street (back side of building)


Mark Bradford

Sexy Cash, 2015

7540 Fay Avenue


Kelsey Brookes

One Pointed Attention, 2014

7835 Invanhoe Avenue


Gajin Fujita

Tail Whip, 2013

7540-7542 Fay Avenue


Anya Gallacio

surf's up, 2011

7540 Fay Avenue


Robert Ginder

House, 2012

1162 Prospect Street


Ann Hamilton

at sea, 2012

7905 Herschel Avenue


Robert Irwin & Phillipp Scholz Rittermann

The Real Deal, 2013

7611 Fay Avenue


Nina Katchadourian

Whale, 2014

1250 Prospect Street


Jean Lowe

Tear Stains Be Gone, 2015

7661 Girard Avenue


Kim MacConnel

Girl from Ipanema, 2010

7724 Girard Avenue


Ryan McGinness

53 Women, 2011

1111 Prospect Street (back of building)


Richard Allen Morris

Applied, 2012

7744 Fay Avenue


Catherine Opie

The Shores, 2013

7509 Girard Avenue


Julian Opie

Walking in the City.project 1, 2013

Walking in the City.project 2, 2013

5535 La Jolla Boulevard


Marcos Ramirez ERRE

Is All That it Proves, 2015

7744 Fay Avenue


Fred Tomaselli

Expecting to Fly (for the Zeros), 2013

7569 Girard Avenue


William Wegman

Opening, 2014

1162 Prospect Street







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