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Journey Through Art History consists of a 60-minute visual arts presentation accompanied by live music performed by CAMARADA musicians. Interested organizations may choose one of the following presentations:


Modern Art – Explores artistic work produced in Europe and the United States between roughly the 1860s to the 1970s. From Vincent Van Gogh to Pablo Picasso to Georgia O’Keeffe, the presentation includes a discussion on a variety of styles, philosophies, techniques and aesthetics by ground-breaking artists.


Women in Art and Music – Explores the contributions of women in the fields visual arts and music. The presentation will highlight the artistic expression, challenges, and innovations of women artists from the 1600s through the present.


Journey Through Art Practice focuses on hands-on learning and consists of a site visit, exhibition tour and workshop. The program takes place at the Athenaeum Art Center (AAC), a satellite location of the Athenaeum Music & Arts Library located in the neighborhood of Logan Heights. Journey Through Art Practice is a 2-hour visit. Interested organizations may choose one of the following visits:


Exploring Exhibitions – Students participate in a guided tour of the exhibition on view followed by artmaking workshop. The exhibition tour engages students’ visual literacy skills as they are prompt to look actively and participate in a group discussion of the art on view. During the workshop, students create their own work of art as they further explore the topics, techniques, and or materials discussed during the exhibition tour.


Printmaking 101 – Prints are visually exciting, graphically bold, and one of the oldest forms of art making. The AAC’s print studio is a fully functional space that allows for a variety of printmaking techniques, including linoleum, letterpress, etching, collagraph, and mono-printing. The visit begins with a demonstration of the studio’s presses which includes a 19th century hand iron press. During the workshop component, students begin by practicing the basic operation of a letterpress, they then etch a plate with their own design and conclude by creating an edition of hand-pulled prints to take home with them. This program is geared toward grades 9-12th and class sizes of 25 or less.


Journey Through Art History series is composed of three visual presentations with music, created and given by the Bilingual Manager of the Athenaeum Art Center, Daniela Kelly. For more information, click here for the Art Outreach flyer.


Journey Through Art History series offers:


Silk Road traces the stations of the Silk Road from Xian, China, to Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey)through artifacts, music, and stories. Complements 6th grade curriculum of Ancient Civilizations.


Made in California complements the 4th grade social sciences curriculum that traces California through art; from indigenous native peoples to the Spanish missions to California's statehood and the history of La Jolla.


Comprehending Conceptual Art follows the history of modern art from photography in 1839 to Impressionism to conceptual art, with emphasis on contemporary California art of Los Angeles' Cool School.


American Art and History after 1945 This program complements the social studies curriculum of American History. It aims to bring recent American history alive and to demonstrate its relevance through interactive examples of art and music of the last 60 years.