The Jefferson Jay Band is composed of Jay (guitar, vocals), Paul Ruiz (trumpet), Leanne Pearl (drums, vocals), Orion Boucher (bass, vocals), and J. Kipling Forde (keyboards). Eventful—Los Angeles wrote that the “ensemble which blends classic rock, funk, blues, jazz and reggae into a powerful 21st century sound.” GigTown wrote, “With top-quality musicianship, this Ocean Beach-based five-piece band, brings provocative fun every time.”



One of San Diego’s most prized musicians, guitarist Fred Benedetti (also known to our Fusion concert subscribers), completes the spring series with his engaging playing. A master of classical, popular, and jazz guitar, Fred has performed with artists from Luciano Pavarotti to Willie Nelson to Dave Brubeck, and was chosen to study in a master class with Andrés Segovia. Locally, he performs with San Diego jazz legend Peter Sprague. As a studio musician, he has been featured on over 50 CD’s and numerous movie soundtracks.