You will experience:


•  Ways to draw and use watercolor that defy self-doubt and crippling comparison

•  The unleashing of a deeper creative voice through the cultivation of intuition and mindfulness

•  What it’s like to generate a plethora of sketches in a short amount of time under the influence of an altered state of sketching

•  How to make sketching and painting not only easier but relaxing, addictive, and even, I dare say, a blast

•  The creation of at least three sketches you’ll want to frame, share with the world, or simply become


Tuesdays, 1–4 PM

January 7–February 11

(6 Weeks, 18 total hours of instruction)

La Jolla Studio



MATERIALS: Paper: A large mixed-media sketchbook. (I use Canson Mix-Media, 11" x 14"— or whatever you have that can take water—we will be doing a lot of sketching you wouldn’t want to do in a purely watercolor pad.)


Watercolor pad: Strathmore Visual Watercolor Journal, 90 lb., 12" x 9", cold press, wire bound, 34 sheets—or whatever you feel comfortable with. (The Canson book can also work if you don’t want to go to the extra expense.)


Pens: Black Micron pens 005 and 05 as well as 01 and thicker (or equivalents). If you’re thinking you have felt pens to bring, know that it’s important to this process to also have really thin pens; thicker pens won’t have the same effects. Also bring a thin gel or flair pen that smears with water.


Watercolors: something easy like Prang is fine; that’s what I use.


Brushes: good watercolor brushes, round #8, 10, or 12.


Other: pencil and kneaded erasers