Born in Seoul, Korea, Doah Lee moved, at age nine, to Hawaii, where her music dreams began. Her studies at the University of Hawaii inspired her to write music. As she says, “Not sure how and why but, I just sat down with a piece of paper and pen and strummed a couple of chords and started singing/writing” (SD Voyager, Jan. 27, 2020). She moved to San Diego, and while working in the corporate world, decided to follow her passion. Doah, who fronts her band, Doah’s Daydream, is a powerful singer who counts among her favorite artists Aretha Franklin, Amy Winehouse, and Lady Gaga.



Robin Lee is the kind of person they make movies about—Oscar-winning movies. Much like a San Diego Johnny Cash, her rough and heartfelt songs speak to audiences and tell stories of an adventurous life, few can imagine. Fluent on several instruments, Lee is backed by her longtime musical partner, Jack Davidson, on lead guitar. Together, they have chemistry that summons souls from another era and transports you into a meditative state that is uniquely their own creation.