Wednesdays, 9:30 AM–12:30 PM

January 8–February 26

(8 Weeks, 24 total hours of instruction)

La Jolla Studio



MATERIALS: Paper: 11" x 14" or 9" x 12" or a block of 100% cotton, 140lb., rough or cold-pressed (or buy two 22" x 30" sheets). We will also try hot-pressed paper.


Watercolor Paint: Permanent Rose; Scarlet Lake; Yellow Ochre or Raw Sienna; Lemon Yellow or Aureolin; Burnt Sienna; Cerulean Blue or Manganese Blue; Phthalo Blue or Windsor Blue; Sap Green.* White gouache or bleed-proof white. Professional Brands: Winsor & Newton Artist Grade, Holbein, Rembrandt, Grumbacher Finest, LeFranc & Bourgeois, Rowney, Schmincke. Student Grade: Bocour, Winsor & Newton London, Cotman, Liquitex Permanent Pigments. Professional brands cost more, are better quality, have less filler, and go farther. Student brands are less expensive, are lower quality, have lots of filler, and won’t go as far. *It is more important to have a warm and cool of each primary color than the hues I have listed. If you have paints, you need not buy all new ones—bring what you have.


Brushes: Large round, good quality, #12, 9, or 10; Robert Simons 1" flat. Add others as you learn to paint. Sable is the finest although good quality nylon works well. Buy the best you can afford—it makes painting easier.


Other: Palette knife (not stainless steel); yellow No. 2 drawing pencil; white palette with lid; an elephant ear and a synthetic sponge; paper towels, Kleenex, or rag; kneaded eraser; Mr. Clean sponges; a 1 qt. plastic water container with wide mouth; liquid frisket (masking fluid for watercolor, Pebeo Drawing Gum is best); a pickup for removing excess frisket; shampoo or mild soap (e.g., motel sample); small spray bottle; cut-up credit card.