If you choose to draw in pencil, all you will need are two mechanical pencils, a kneaded eraser, blending stump, and a small sanding block (a kit is available*). If you prefer to work in charcoal or with colored media, please see the materials list below and only buy what you need.





$385/405 (includes model)


MATERIALS: Pencil: Two mechanical pencils, a 2 mm mechanical holder with 4B leads and a 0.5 mechanical pencil with 2B leads; kneaded eraser; blending stump; small sanding block; rag; drawing pad, 18" x 24", Strathmore 300 Series (or any brand you already have); foam core 3/16" thick drawing support (cut to 19" x 25") with four bulldog clips.


*Attention: Artist & Craftsman Supply (Hillcrest) will have two discounted kits hand-selected by Ken. Buy both, combined, or buy either one singly if you already have the materials provided in the other kit. Kit #1: drawing board, clips, drawing pad. Kit #2: pencils, eraser, stump, sanding block.


Charcoal: 4B charcoal pencil, softest vine charcoal, rags or Viva paper towels, kneaded eraser.


Pastels: soft vine charcoal; NuPastel, box of 96 pieces; Canson brand pastel paper, #429, 426, or 431; foam core drawing board cut 1" larger than your paper, with four bulldog clips.


Beginning Watercolor: One tube each Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna for first session; more colors if you have them. (Additional colors will be discussed at first meeting.) Large covered Woods or Pike palette or your favorite travel palette; a #12 pointed and a 1" flat brush; tissues or Kleenex; Arches or other good quality paper (no Strathmore student grade).


Oils: up to 18" x 24" canvas board (prime with single light wash of Golden Acrylic Gray Value #6); Robert Simmons filbert brushes #2, 4, 8, 12; Gamsol odorless mineral spirits with container, Liquin; Viva paper towels; disposable paper, wood, or glass palette (and plastic palette saver; Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, and Permalba White paint for the first session. (If experienced, also bring a warm and cool of each primary color or whatever colors you normally use.)


Acrylics: Same as oils, except no mineral spirits, just a container for water


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