Sunday, 10 AM–2:30 PM (1/2 hr. lunch)
January 13 (1 day)
La Jolla Studio


MATERIALS: Print out large high resolution photos of adult faces—at least three photos. (It is easier if they are straight on [no 3/4 views of the head].) You can bring more if you would like so that we have a few to choose from. I will have a few photo references if you cannot bring your own. Construction paper or any other good quality paper in at least 10 different colors. (You can paint your own solid colors onto mixed media paper if you have paint colors you like). Textured/patterned paper for a background (wallpaper/wrapping paper/scrapbooking paper/magazine pages); scissors; glue stick; pencil; eraser; one  black Sharpie and one white felt-tip marker for detailing, Sketchbook or paper for warm-up activities; a couple pieces of 9˝ x 12˝ or larger cardboard or illustration board to mount our final pieces.