Collin Ready is an independent musician who "stands at the mouth of the Cave of Self Exploration and Expression, lights his torch, and walks in."


Rob Deez, a self-professed “comedic singer-songrhymer,” appeals to many different audiences. The comedic side fits in at comedy shows, the singer side works at coffee shops and bars, and the rhyming side does well at hip-hop shows. Deez says he’s “not worried about being pigeonholed as a novelty act” and adds, “There’s a lot of improvising in my act.” The San Diego Troubadour wrote “Deez incorporates the acoustic singer-songwriter sentiment to many of his tunes, not just with the obvious employment of his acoustic guitar, but with a subtle infusion of emotional longing and romance. This underlying vulnerability is perfectly placed amidst his light-hearted jokes and quick-spit rhymes, adding a layer of depth.”