Athenaeum Music & Arts Library North Reading Room

North Reading Room


Book Arts on the Local Scene

January 12–March 9, 2019

Opening Reception: Friday, January 11, 6:30-8:30 PM


Book Arts on the Local Scene in the Athenaeum’s North Reading Room will exhibit San Diego presses and artists influenced by Genie Shenk. Looking through the inSite 97/Athenaeum collaborative volume Public Space & the Individual, product of a series of classes Genie taught through the Athenaeum’s School of the Arts, one can see names of movers and shakers in San Diego’s book arts community, including Kathy Miller, Sibyl Rubottom, and Jim Machacek, all of whose work will be on display, along with Judith Christensen, Sally Hagy Boyer, and Brighton Press books. In her introduction to the 1997 Public Space, Genie wrote: “The goal was to provide a forum for exploring the relation of the individual to public space. A secondary goal was to experience the dynamics of collaboration, since this is the modality in which most decisions about public space are made, or should be made.” Consider this further collaboration between Genie and her contemporaries.