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Athenaeum Music & Arts in Education Program



General Information

The Athenaeum Music & Arts in Education Program is a free education outreach program for grades K through 12 and community centers throughout San Diego County and in all San Diego City Council Districts. The program consists of three series of three presentations, each encompassing and intertwining music, art, physics, math, psychology, history, and social studies. This program meets California Department of Education Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) standards.

If you are interested in scheduling a program for your class, child’s school or community center, please contact Penny Buckingham, at (858) 454-5872 ext. 111.

The Athenaeum Music & Arts in Education Program request form is available here.






The music in education outreach series, created by Judith Oishei, Music Director, includes two series: American Women in Music History and Music in Science.   

American Women in Music History series offers:
Amy Beach: One of America’s greatest composers and known as the “Dean of American women composers,” describes her life as a concert pianist, composer, and wife at the turn of the last century.
Bessie Smith:  Empress of the Blues teaches how to write your own blues and describes what life is like for a black woman during the Jim Crow era.
Madelyn Bryne:  Professor Bryne explains what a working composer experiences in today’s musical climate.  Learn firsthand how to use computer technology to compose.

Music in Science series offers: 
Brain Music: the character of Dr. Sigmund Freud shows the therapeutic effects of music on your mind and your imagination.
Fibonacci Funk: an actor depicts the 11th century mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci, who explores math in music—rhythm, time signatures, beats, and downbeats.
High Five: A Musical Vortex in Your Cortex: This is a sensational and amusing, one-man show, delivered through music, moving picture, and dance. High Five explains, explores, and expounds upon the fact that everything we encounter is vibration and looks into the fascinating question of how music and your brain are connected.
Musical Physics:  an actor portrays Albert Einstein who introduces the physics of music, how sound waves work, how the violin works, and the Doppler effect.






Journey Through Art History series is composed of three visual presentations with music, created and given by the School of the Arts Director, Cornelia Feye. For more information, click here for Art Outreach flyer.

Journey Through Art History series offers:
Silk Road:  traces the stations of the Silk Road from Xian, China to Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey) through artifacts, music and stories. Complements 6th grade curriculum of Ancient Civilizations.
Made in California: complements the 4th grade social sciences curriculum that traces California history through art; from indigenous native peoples to the Spanish missions to California’s statehood and the history of La Jolla.
Comprehending Conceptual Art: follows the history of modern art from photography in 1839 to Impressionism to conceptual art, with emphasis on contemporary Californian art of Los Angeles’ Cool School.
American Art and History after 1945: This program complements the social studies curriculum of American History. It aims to bring recent American history alive and to demonstrate its relevance through interactive examples of art and music of the last 60 years.





Resources for Teachers

Participating schools and community centers receive a complimentary, one-year organizational membership to the Athenaeum Music & Arts Library. This includes special assistance from the library staff and access to extensive art and music books and materials. Download and print the current resource lists for the Athenaeum Music & Arts in Education Program.

American Women in Music Series
I. Amy Beach, the Dean of American Women Composers

II. Bessie Smith, the Empress of the Blues
III. Today’s Woman Composer

Journey Through Art History Series
I. Silk Road

II. Made in California
III. Comprehending Conceptual Art

Music in Science Series
I. Brain Music

II. Fibonacci Funk
III. High Five
IV. Physics in Music

Teachers can download and print out these pre-and post-visit activities and distribute them to their students.

Made In California

Pre-Program activity
Download and print to use BEFORE the program. Blank California map with cities to name.

Post-program activities

Download and print to use AFTER program has been presented. California History Timeline with blanks to fill in name of historic events.

Download and print to use AFTER the program. Which California artist painted these images?

California Timeline Answer Key
For teachers. California History Timeline with answers.




Your Feedback and Support

To improve the Athenaeum’s Music & Arts in Education Program, we ask that teachers and community center directors download this feedback form, complete and fax or mail to the Athenaeum. Responses are confidential and will be used to improve the Athenaeum’s Education Outreach activities.

Funding for a series, either music or visual arts is a wonderful gift that can be given to a public or private school or community center. If you would like to provide support for education outreach, please contact Erika Torri, Joan & Irwin Jacobs Executive Director at (858) 454-5872.


Financial Support

Currently, financial support for the Athenaeum Music & Arts in Education program is provided by Kiwanis Club of La Jolla, Qualcomm Incorporated, Target, City of San diego Commission for Arts & Culture and the Athenaeum Music & Arts Library.


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