Athenaeum Music & Arts Library Joseph Clayes III Gallery

Joseph Clayes III Gallery


2018 San Diego Art Prize Exhibition: Anne Mudge and Erin Dace Behling; Robert Matheny and Max Daily

May 11–July 6, 2019

Opening Reception: Friday, May 10, 6:30-8:30 PM


For the ninth consecutive year the Athenaeum presents the work of the San Diego Art Prize winners. The San Diego Art Prize spotlights working San Diego artists. A panel of local art administrators selects two artists and they, in turn, select two more artists with whom they wish to collaborate. In 2018 the prize recipients are Anne Mudge with Erin Dace Behling and Robert Matheny with Max Daily.


Anne Mudge is a nationally acclaimed sculptor and public artist who lives and works in northern San Diego County on a property shared by her nurseryman husband. The specialized landscapes of his trade have frequently informed her work, as do her daily nature walks, which she documents through photographs. The core of her work has to do with process. Whether it’s as simple as working in call and response to the materials at hand in her studio or working within the context of a public space, she looks for the living edge – that liminal space that only reveals itself when the initial conditions of environment, materials, and conceptual intent engage in a kind of dance. Mudge likes being surprised by outcomes that defy meddling preconceptions and exhibit the rich complexity of innumerable inputs, resulting in an unexpected synthesis.


Mudge has shown in San Diego at the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego Museum of Art, California Center for the Arts Museum, as well as the List Visual Arts Center at M.I.T., Delaware Center for Contemporary Art, Metropolitan Museum and Art Center in Coral Gables, Florida and at numerous college and university galleries. She is represented by Quint Gallery, San Diego.


Erin Dace Behling is a designer, furniture maker and educator based in San Diego, CA. She holds an MFA from San Diego State University and BFA from Herron School of Art & Design; both degrees were emphasized in furniture design and woodworking. Behling currently teaches at community colleges in the greater San Diego area. She has shown work at several galleries in Southern California including Lois Lambert Gallery of Functional Art, The La Jolla Athenaeum, Alexander Salazar White Box Contemporary, William D. Cannon Art Gallery, Art SD Contemporary show.


In her work, Behling utilizes the language of furniture to explore various mediums such as wood, fiberglass, plastic, concrete, foam, asphalt shingles and fibers, while striving to arrange a setting where they are able to cohesively exist. In her current series, Candyland, Behling explores geometry as she is interested in the repetitious nature and how shapes can result in forms through this repetitious patterning and mathematical formulas.


Robert Matheny made his first painting and first sculpture, as an adult, in 1963 and has been making art ever since because it pleased and challenged his intellect. He likes solving problems and using new materials and especially likes working with ideas. He is a sculptor, painter, jeweler, graphic designer, filmmaker, small press operator, and performer. He was founder of the art department and gallery at Southwestern College. They owe their permanent collection of contemporary art to him, as well as great exhibitions including the art of John Baldessari in 1962, the very first show. Since his retirement in 1991, he has completed many different series of work spending just about every day in his studio. Matheny studied under art department chair John Olsen, Stan Hodge and others at Long Beach State College. He earned a MA degree in art education. He has had a museum show at the CECUT in Tijuana, Mexico, numerous one-person shows in San Diego including the Nexus Gallery in La Jolla and a few group shows in the Los Angeles area. Bob Matheny cannot imagine not making art.


Max Robert Daily is a San Diego based artist working in visual art and performance, incorporating media ranging from drawing and sculptor, to puppetry and mime. Along with being a published author of children’s illustration books, Daily is a butcher by trade and the proprietor of Oslo sardine bar-cum-installation artwork at Bread & Salt in Barrio Logan. Prior to attending the prestigious Cotsen Center for Puppetry at CalArts, Daily was a student of set design at San Diego City College and resident puppeteer at the Marie Hitchcock Puppet Theater in Balboa Park. Daily remains an avid advocate of the Balboa-based Theater where he also received the Jim Henson Family grant award for his production of Peter and the Wolf.