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YP 796.4/P765

DVD 791.45/Great S


Art books


Experiences of the common good: inSite/Casa Gallina, a project immersed in a neighborhood, Gift of Nora Sargent


Manny Farber: paintings and writings


COLA 20, City of Los Angeles, Dept. of Cultural Affairs


Charles Garnier's Opéra: architecture and interior décor, Gérard Fontaine


Gwen John, Alicia Foster


In Monet's light: Theodore Robinson at Giverny, Sona Johnston, Gift of Wendy Brody


Stanley Spencer and the English garden, Steven Parissien


Models are to artists like flowers are to bees: Pam Whidden: life as a muse, Mary Pennell & Kirsten Aaboe, Gift of Mary Pennell & Kirsten Aaboe


Bauhaus Mädels, Patrick Rössler


Surrounded by art: panoramic views of America's landmark museums, Thomas R. Schiff


Emerging from the shadows: a survey of women artists working in California, 1860-1960, Maurine St. Gaudens, Gift of John & Helen Ofield


Artists' books


La la landscapes, Margaret Falk


Impersonations, Scott Grieger


Five car stud 1969-1972, revisited, Edward Kienholz


Three love stories, Suzanne Lacy


Travels with Mona, Suzanne Lacy


Florae, Karin Lanzoni, Gift of Karin Lanzoni


How painting works, Karin Lanzoni, Gift of Karin Lanzoni


Myself: timed exposures, Mike Mandel


From the heart, Scripps College Press


Oaths? Questions?, James Siena


Sylvia Salazar Simpson, Sylvia Salazar Simpson


Here it is, here it aint, Lawrence Weiner


Skimming the water: (ménage à quatre), Lawrence Weiner


Elevenses, Trevor Winkfield


Music books


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Reference books


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Special Collection


Parable: for violin/viola, cello, flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, and synthesizer, Franklin Cox


Five things lost: for flute, B♭ clarinet and violin, Ezekiel Mortensen


Palindrome rotation: quartet for violin, guitar, A clarinet, and cello, Diego Rodriguez


Young People


The hunter and his dog: a fantastical journey through the world of Bruegel, Sassafras De Bruyn, Gift of the Wescoe Family Children's Book Fund


Double bass blues, Andrea J. Loney, Gift of the Wescoe Family Children's Book Fund


Orchestra, Avalon Nuovo, Gift of the Wescoe Family Children's Book Fund


The girl who ran: Bobbi Gibb, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon, Frances Poletti, Gift of Bobbi Gibb




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Music Scores


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Compact discs


Ballets & solos


Jazz underground: live at Smalls, Gift of Barry Levine


New World jazz


Impressions, Afro Blue Band, Gift of Barry Levine


Loudspeakers, Charles Amirkhanian


Boss tenors in orbit!, Gene Ammons & Sonny Stitt, Gift of Barry Levine


At this time, Burt Bacharach


Soundpieces 1-7, John J. Becker


Whatever bubbles up, Bob Florence Limited Edition, Gift of Barry Levine


Talkin' Verve, Willie Bobo, Gift of Barry Levine


Migrations, Paul Bowles, Gift of Sebastian Winston


Silvergrass & other orchestral works, Shih-Hui Chen


Live from Bahia, Larry Coryell, Gift of Barry Levine


Listen up!, Jorge Dalto, Gift of Barry Levine


I'll fly away, Jeff Denson & Joshua White, Gift of Jeff Denson


Between two worlds, Jeff Denson, Romain Pilon, & Brian Blade, Gift of Jeff Denson


Dance lesson #2, Karl Denson, Gift of Barry Levine


Liquide stones, Jack DeSalvo, Gift of Barry Levine


Songs for wandering souls, Dave Douglas, Gift of Barry Levine


Beyond the seven hills, Mehmet Ergin, Gift of Barry Levine


Le cycle de l'eau, Ahmed Essyad, Gift of Sebastian Winston


The charmer, Charles Fambrough, Gift of Barry Levine


From now on, Sonny Fortune, Gift of Barry Levine


The sweetest punch: the new songs of Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach, Bill Frisell, Gift of Barry Levine


I saw my mother ascending Mount Fuji, Harley Gaber, Gift of Sebastian Winston


The complete concert by the sea, Erroll Garner, Gift of Stan Mendoza


From the belly of Abraham, Hasidic New Wave, Gift of Sebastian Winston


Joker: original motion picture soundtrack, Hildur Guđnadottir


Dance with death, Andrew Hill


Another mind, Hiromi, Gift of Barry Levine


Anthem for the new nations, Abdullah Ibrahim, Gift of Barry Levine


French character pieces and Valses à quatre mains, op. 8, Marie Jaëll


The virtual performer: music for computer-driven piano, Igor Korneitchouk, Gift of Stan Mendoza


Inferno, Bireli Lagrene, Gift of Barry Levine


Complete organ works, volume IV, Jean Langlais


Filigree, Hannah Lash


To the one, John McLaughlin, Gift of Barry Levine


Love sublime, Brad Mehldau, Gift of Stan Mendoza


Missa Virginis Mariae, Claudio Merulo


Speaking of now, Pat Metheny, Gift of Barry Levine


Hand in hand, Mulgrew Miller, Gift of Barry Levine


Flyin' the koop, Stanton Moore, Gift of Barry Levine


The adventures of Hippocrates, Orion String Quartet, Gift of Stan Mendoza


Pasaporte, Orquesta Broadway


Dioscures; Ephémères; Le souffle d'Iris, Yves Prin, Gift of Sebastian Winston


String quartet no. 4, Wolfgang Rihm, Gift of Sebastian Winston


Three symphonies, Ned Rorem


New York, N.Y., George Russell, Gift of Barry Levine


Save our children, Pharaoh Sanders, Gift of Barry Levine


Attica blues, Archie Shepp, Gift of Barry Levine


Symphony no. 1; Symphony no. 8, Robert Simpson


Para Puente, Snowboy, Gift of Barry Levine


Speaking extravagantly: string quartets of David Stock, David Stock, Gift of Stan Mendoza


Organ works, Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck


House of bass: the best of Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Gift of Barry Levine


The plow that broke the plains; The river, Virgil Thomson, Gift of Sebastian Winston


Rumbero's poetry, Tolú, Gift of Barry Levine


In the spur of the moment, Steve Turre, Gift of Barry Levine


Asante, McCoy Tyner, Gift of Barry Levine


Latin jazz live! from Cuba, Germán Velazco & Jorge Reyes, Gift of Barry Levine


Jazzmenco, Vienta, Gift of Barry Levine


Universal syncopations, Miroslav Vitous, Gift of Sebastian Winston


There goes the neighborhood, Robert Walter, Gift of Barry Levine


On the keyboard: piano works of Joji Yuasa, Joji Yuasa, Gift of Sebastian Winston


In the moment, Denny Zeitlin, Gift of Barry Levine


Sonero: the music of Ismael Rivera, Miguel Zenón



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Incontro con Franco Corelli, Gift of Tom & Rita Young Opera Collection


Pain and glory, Pedro Almodóvar


Roma, Alfonso Cuarón


Lo schiavo, Antonio Carlos Gomes


Judy, Rupert Goold


The great St. Louis bank robbery, Charles Guggenheim, Gift of Barry Levine


Blue Note Records: beyond the notes, Sophie Huber


Synonyms, Nadav Lapid


Life and music of Jean Langlais, William Mistretta


Walking on water, Audrey Paounov


Joker, Todd Phillips


Parasite, Chun-Ho Pong


Jojo Rabbit, Taika Waititi