Erika Torri

Joan & Irwin Jacobs Executive Director




Kathi Bower Peterson



Dia Bassett

School of the Arts Directoremail


Jane Broxton




Maura Walters

Director of Publications and Executive Assistant to the Joan & Irwin Jacobs Executive Director - email


Lidia Rossner

Marketing and Public Relations Manager - email


Daniela Kelly

Bilingual Manager, Athenaeum Art Center - email


Carol Buckley

Cataloguer, Assistant Librarian, and Volunteer Coordinator - email


Penny Buckingham

School Associate and Deputy School Director - email


Lucy Peters

Program and Box Office Associate - email


Angela Lynch

Library Assistant, Membership Manager, and Web Content Manager - email


Sarah Strand

Administrative Assistant and Mural Liaison - email


Courtney Koenigsfeld

Business Manager - email


Sophie Mueller

Administrative Assistant and Exhibition Liaison - email



Daniel Atkinson

Jazz Program Coordinator


Lynda Forsha

Project Curator, Murals of LJ


Mary Johnson



Drei Kiel

House Manager


Josh Magistrelli

Facility Assistant


Jimmy Muller

Facility Assistant


Christian Hertzog

Music Director - email


Sibyl Rubottom

Artist-in-Residence and

Print Studio Manager


Stephanie Scanga

Installation Consultant


Shari Sparks



Emily Green

Jazz Outreach


Stanley Walens

Program Annotator


Bud Fisher/John Evans

Piano Tuner


Board of Trustees

Catherine Palmer



Nora Sargent

Vice President


Helena Stage



Nancy Linke Patton




Robert Black


Ann Craig


Max Elliott, M.D.


Karen Fox


Lynda Fox


Carol Gartner, Ph.D.


Terry Gulden


Salah Hassanein


Eloisa Haudenschild


Warren Heenan


Zoe Kleinbub


Dr. Eric Lasley


Garna Muller


Jack Peluso


John A. Reis


Carolyn Yorston-Wellcome



Barbara Walbridge

Board Member Emeritus