Athenaeum Library Music Education Outreach



The music in education outreach series, created by Judith Oishei, Music Director, includes two series: American Women in Music History and Music in Science.


American Women in Music History series offers:


Amy Beach: One of America’s greatest composers and known as the “Dean of American women composers,” describes her life as a concert pianist, composer, and wife at the turn of the last century. 


Bessie Smith:  Empress of the Blues teaches how to write your own blues and describes what life is like for a black woman during the Jim Crow era.


Madelyn Bryne:  Professor Bryne explains what a working composer experiences in today’s musical climate.  Learn firsthand how to use computer technology to compose.


Music in Science series offers:


Brain Music: the character of Dr. Sigmund Freud shows the therapeutic effects of music on your mind and your imagination.


Fibonacci Funk: an actor depicts the 11th century mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci, who explores math in music—rhythm, time signatures, beats, and downbeats.


High Five: A Musical Vortex in Your Cortex: This is a sensational and amusing, one-man show, delivered through music, moving picture, and dance. High Five explains, explores, and expounds upon the fact that everything we encounter is vibration and looks into the fascinating question of how music and your brain are connected. 


Musical Physics:  An actor portrays Albert Einstein who introduces the physics of music, how sound waves work, how the violin works, and the Doppler effect.



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